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At Uhuru Flowers, we believe that every bloom is special and individual, telling a story with each unfolding petal. Nestled in the serene landscapes on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya, near the bustling town of Timau, our farm is a haven of peace and tranquility where our exquisite roses bloom, under the equatorial sun and are nurtured by the rich Kenyan soil.

“Uhuru” means freedom in Kiswahili, and is integral to our philosophy. Our 2600m high altitude farm is awash with more colours and shapes of roses than you could ever imagine.

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Our Values

Sustainability is core to our values. We strive not just to preserve but also to enrich the environment we operate in. From solar power to recycled packaging, we rapidly adopt innovations that reduce our ecological impact and replenish our surroundings.

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Our Values

Our roses are grown with the environment in mind, ensuring each bloom is as responsible as it is beautiful

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Our farm comprises 20 hectares of greenhouses where we grow more than 60 varieties of cut roses using innovative techniques and equipment.

Uhuru grows a wide range of cut roses, including garden, scented, and standard roses. We also produce the Wabara Collection of Japanese roses exclusively in Africa.