Latitude, Attitude & Altitude

At Uhuru, we are committed to sustainable farming practices. We use a blend of innovative technology and eco-friendly methods to ensure that every rose is a symbol of beauty and a testament to our commitment to the earth and the community we live in.

Who we are

Our tagline, Latitude, Attitude, Altitude, encapsulates who we are

Latitude – the farm is located a few kilometres from the equator, which means our climate is similar throughout the year, and we do not experience a winter. This allows our roses to continue blooming throughout the year, ensuring consistency of supply.

Attitude: Uhuru was started in 2007 with a vision to innovate within the rose industry. We pride ourselves on being efficient, lean, and customer-focused. We encourage our customers to visit the nursery and feel sure that, should you do so, you will feel the energy that sets us apart.

Altitude: At 2600m above sea level, we are one of the highest rose farms in Kenya. We are located on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya near the village of Timau. The high altitude and consequent cold nights mean our roses grow slowly, producing bigger blooms. The unique microclimate that we exist in is one of the best places in the world to grow roses.

Our Values



Sustainability is core to our values. We strive not just to preserve but also to enrich the environment we operate in. From solar power to recycled packaging, we rapidly adopt innovations that reduce our ecological impact and replenish our surroundings.



Innovation drives us. We continuously seek new technologies, varieties, and techniques – embracing change and often leading it in our industry. Our innovative spirit lets us better care for our roses, community, and planet.



Our people come first. We invest heavily in our staff’s health, safety, growth and happiness. Their welfare directly translates to the vivid blooms we nurture through conscientious, precise horticultural practices.



By entwining ecology, ingenuity and ethics, we allow the true spirit of our roses to shine through. Our values manifest themselves in sustainable systems, new ideas and compassionate service – coalescing as the Freedom for beauty to thrive unfettered across our farm.



As stewards of the land, we employ environmentally responsible practices to conserve resources and maintain the natural beauty of our farn. We are dedicated to growing roses sustainably and without cost to the earth.

We have a small but highly experienced management team, all working together to consistently produce, pack and ship the highest quality cut roses with excellent vase life and perfect presentation.