About Us

Uhuru Flowers was founded in 2007. Our name means Freedom in the Kiswahili language. Our farm comprises 20 hectares of greenhouses where we grow more than 60 varieties of cut roses using innovative techniques and equipment.

Our Farm

About Us

We produce much of our electricity from the sun using our 100kW solar plant.

We also harvest all the rainwater that falls on our greenhouses and other rooves, storing the water in large lined reservoirs which can provide up to 70% of our irrigation needs.

Uhuru recently changed all our flower sleeves from plastic to kraft paper, which presents nicely and is kinder to the environment.

Our 350 employees are trained in lean management techniques and play an integral part in producing our superior quality product.

We take pride in our efficient, customer-focused approach and continuously improve our operations. All our roses are exclusively sold through our trusted sales partners at Flower Exchange.